On 26 September 2019 we will organize a training day in Bremen for the more experienced DocYard application managers and users. During this training day some new and existing functionalities are discussed in a playful way.

The following topics are covered:

  • How do you turn scanned documents into clear PDFs with bookmarks?
  • How can you use the new CRON scheduler for flexible scheduling of DocYard tasks?
  • What options does DocYard offer for e-mail processing? How do you process incoming e-mails? How do you send an email from DocYard? For example useful as a confirmation of receipt or for error handling.
  • How do you use the new Send API Request module to connect DocYard to the APIs of other parties?

The purpose of the training is that you are able to apply these functionalities yourself afterwards. You will of course also receive a number of example workflows in which these functionalities are built in.

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