There’s a lot of exciting and long-anticipated updates in our 3.5 release. First, we’ve added a brand new DocYard data warehouse so you can use your favorite BI tool (for example Microsoft Power BI) to get even more insight into your data.

We’ve also added batch retention policies that allow you to archive finished batches to the data warehouse and automatically clean up old batches to keep your production environment more organized and responsive.

And finally, we’ve added a new module: the Named Entity Recognition module. Among other things, you can use this module to find names and places in documents. Useful if you need to anonymize a lot of documents quickly, for example. And thanks to the use of machine learning, it is not necessary to create a form design first. This saves a lot of time and effort. For a brief overview of all the changes in this edition, please navigate to: version 3.5 release notes.