Physically deliver the mail in a smart way, as some postal companies in Europe and beyond are trying to do, or deliver the information in a smart way?

There are of course mail items that you want to receive physically at home for example a birth announcement, an invitation to a wedding or a letter from a friend or relative. And after a friendly chat with the letter carrier you are also up to date.

But in the vast majority of cases, the mail piece is an information carrier, a bill that needs to be paid, a confirmation of an order an invitation or a job application letter. A postal robot that manages to physically deliver the mail piece is handy, but a postal robot that cleverly delivers this information digitally to the right person has greater added value.

Now you are probably thinking, what organization still receives physical mail? We already receive everything via email. Then your organization probably has no mailroom but the handling process and archiving task lies with many employees. A smart postal robot can also lighten your workload and lead to savings.

Would you like to know more about this, we will gladly send you more information, physically by post or digitally by email, just let us know to whom and what address we may send it!