The DocYard tool
for application developers

The DocYard SDK is a developer kit for application developers creating DocYard modules or integrating existing components and tools into the platform for themselves.

The developer kit consists of the module API and a training package. This ensures a co-operative partnership and support all the way up to start-up and beyond.

Programming additional features is a fast and cost-effective process thanks to DocYard’s architecture.


Easy to implement

Clear documentation and uncomplicated source code help developers integrate DocYard’s solutions with just a few days’ work.

High performance

DocYard’s toolkits offer industry-leading, standards-based document and image compression.

Outstanding technical support

DocYard’s experts work directly with developers to answer their questions and help with implementation.

Optimal knowledge transfer

DocYard GmbH maintains ongoing contact with your development team, constantly updating them with the latest know-how. Your experts remain up to date, achieving first-class results as quickly as possible.

Regular training

The DocYard SDK includes a training package made up of a basic training program and regular update sessions. This guarantees an ongoing flow of information.

Maximum performance

DocYard’s unique architecture allows for lean add-on programming, making for fast, cost-effective module development. Data transfer between modules is limited to the absolute necessities, resulting in significant performance benefits.


Module API

The DocYard Module API allows you to integrate existing functions, software packages or toolkits into the DocYard platform. Its architecture means that only a few dozen lines of code are usually needed to program a specialist module add-on, making the whole process fast and cost-effective.

Training package

The training package included within the SDK is made up of two elements: Before starting, developers will take part in a training program lasting several days. Afterwards, regular update sessions will ensure developers receive the latest know-how and a regular flow of information.

Unified data logging

The DocYard Module API allows you to hand over production data from integrated components to the DocYard platform for unified, centralized data logging.

Optimal module linkage

DocYard ensures that integrated modules are used as effectively as possible and minimises data transfer between them. Modules receive only the data they actually need, as efficiently as possible, leading to significant performance benefits.


System requirements

Windows® 64-bit, Server 2008 / Server 2012 / Vista / Windows 7, Windows 8