The “Gemeentelijke Kredietbank Assen” (Credit Bank) is an organization that supports people to (re) gain control of their financial private situation.

Until 2015, the incoming documents were scanned and manually linked in Extendis (DMS). In 2015, the Municipal Credit Bank Assen decided to use DocYard to handle the daily incoming mail (paper) after a pilot of three months.


For the banking sector it is very important to save documents and data.

However, these data and documents will only add value and provide knowledge if you create insights. This is possible with the cockpit DocYard.

In January 2017, the Credit Bank decided to purchase the Classification Module develop by Docuwork. This module classifies incoming documents and provides them with a document type. Due to a self-learning mechanism in this module up to 95% of the documents are provided with an automatic document classification.

Also, some of the incoming e-mail messages are processed by DocYard since January 2017. DocYard reads predefined email boxes and can split the e-mail message and attachments. The documents as a whole of separated can be imported in Extendis (DMS).

The added Classification Module provides is saving costs for the customer.