The customer

Novagraaf is an international patent and trademark agency which advises daily on Intellectual Property, new ideas or new (export) inventions. Strong brands, new brands and innovative new products. Whether it comes to brands, patents (patents), domain names, designs or copyrights, Novagraaf advices on the protection and management of global Intellectual Property Rights. Novagraaf detects abuse and acts decisively when it is violated.

The challenge

The objective of Novagraaf is to automate as many processes involved in their document workflows. Besides the use of Join (DMS) they wanted to implement an Input Management Software that could cover manual routine work and uniform their document-intensive processes. Their focus was to optimize the processing of approximately 1,500 emails a day on a wide variety of different documents relating to the processing of applications.


All judicial fields require official records to be retained for many years. To electronically store records is the answer.

This leads to other questions: “How do we preserve the integrity of the original document?” “How can we use our storage space optimally?” “How do we make these documents easily accessible?”

The approach

Docuwork implemented DocYard and had to connect DocYard to several other applications. Such as a link to Join, the e-mail boxes and the existing ERP solution InproTech. First of all a plan was needed to design an optimal implementation including all the required connectors and workflows.


In the meantime, all documents from the European brand office are automatically downloaded and processed by DocYard. Actually Docuwork is working on optimizing and designing additional workflows processed by DocYard in order to support Novagraaf with their further digitization targets.