Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Berlin (SRZ) is proving just how quickly scan service providers can optimize their processes and make real savings using DocYard. The full document service provider implemented DocYard GmbH’s production platform last autumn and achieved a return on its investment in just six months.

The company now benefits from increased flexibility and considerably shorter start-up times for drawing up new scanning projects – meaning costs have been reduced. The scanning market is a highly competitive one. Contracts can often be awarded based on decimal-place differences. And on top of this, scanning projects are becoming more and more complex. Scan service providers can only remain competitive if their processes run optimally and their resources are used efficiently.

Scan service providers

DocYard provides total process management for the complete service chain for scanning companies.

We developed this production and integration platform especially for scan service providers.

After evaluating the market, the company determined that the DocYard production platform developed by DocYard GmbH offered the widest range of functions and the greatest flexibility. DocYard integrates all steps of production – from receipt of documents, though processing and all the way to dispatch – into configurable, manageable workflows, with everything centrally evaluated.
“Every other product that we considered covered just one part of the scanning workflow; only DocYard could handle the entire process”, explained Markus Wenig.

After a successful testing phase, and a pilot project in which the production platform was used to process 100,000 pages, SRZ signed the purchase order at the 2012 DMS EXPO.

SRZ Berlin implemented DocYard on a gradual rolling basis. The first project the scan service provider used DocYard for was the capture and indexing of pharmaceutical registration documents for an American company. The primary challenge here was that the examination forms varied in structure. Some contained barcodes, others had form fields or simply contained free text. This meant that a wide variety of tools were needed in order to read the content. “We couldn’t permit a single error,” explained Wenig, “as the FDA scrupulously examines all of these evaluations.” SRZ set up the workflow in DocYard so that only index values with 100 percent certainty are accepted. DocYard automatically sends doubtful cases to the manual post-capture stage. “DocYard already contains barcode-reading functions and an OCR system, so we could set up the project just by dragging and dropping instructions – no programming was required”, said Markus Wenig. “This meant an instant return on investment for us.”

As of today, two out of five of the company’s large projects now use DocYard; the remainder are expected to be migrated over by the end of March 2013. All new incoming projects will use DocYard from the beginning, which means that setup times are half what they were with the company’s own software.

“The platform provides an optimal combination of flexibility and efficiency, which leads to very reasonable costs. We also have nothing but praise for our productive, co-operative work with DocYard during the sales phase,” said Markus Wenig in summary.

Helmut Schünemann, sales at DocYard GmbH, added: “SRZ Berlin’s use of DocYard is a prime example of how our platform helps scan service providers immensely in optimizing all of their processes and so improving cost-efficiency.”