Our modules
act as reusable building blocks

Modules are combined together to create all kinds of workflows. They can be freely selected and configured to meet the needs of any document management process.

Standard modules


Administrative tool for managing clients, users, jobs and resources. Allows service level monitoring. Provides reports and statistics for internal and external accounting.

Import Module

Imports digital images and metadata from a range of scanner sources or fax servers from the file system.

Read Image

Converts extracted images into bitmap objects.

Image Processing

Adjusts images’ size and resolution. Allows deskewing and alignment of images for reading. Converts color and grayscale images into black-and-white images. Removes borders and speckles.


Reads and interprets one-dimensional barcodes. Allows automatic document separation and (document) structuring.

Blank page recognition

Removes blank pages using intelligent algorithms. Recognizes e.g. perforations or translucent sheets.


Allows documents to be routed depending on metadata.


Creates an identical copy of any object.

Object sorting

Sorts images scanned from separate sources into predefined (file) structures, e.g. large-format illustrations.

Command execution

Allows you to run any external program as part of the DocYard workflow.

Write index data

Creates an XML structure containing the index data for a given section (batch, folder, document) which can be exported separately.

XSL Transformation

Converts XML-format index data into another structure (.CSV or .ini file) Creates TIFF, JPG or JPEG2000 files.

Write TIFF, Write JPG

Creates TIFF, JPG or JPEG2000 files.

File Export

Exports image files and metadata objects to the file system.

Optional modules

Goods Received

Records storage locations and consignments to be processed. Starting point for SLA monitoring, completeness controls and resource planning.

Track- & Trace

Logs manual activity such as paper preparation, scanning, re-sorting , storage and storage locations.

Quality Assurance

Supports data capture and correction. Checks document separation and structure, and allows correction.


Allows you to replace individual pages or documents or to reject entire batches.

Email Import

Imports emails and attachments from IMAP mailboxes.

2D Barcodes

Reads and interprets two-dimensional barcodes. Allows automatic document separation and (file) structuring.


Creates full-text images. Used as a basis for automatic classification and data extraction. Reads and recognizes printed text and handwriting, and recognizes check boxes.


Supports automatic document classification. Supports both form reading and freeform recognition.


Allows checking and correction of automatically-extracted data. Supports double-checking.

Write PDF

Converts any image file into PDF/A files to meet PDF/A 1, 2 or 3, using DocYard’s award winning MRC compression.


Creates bookmarks for PDF/A documents.


Creates annotations (attached metadata) for PDF/A files.


Creates watermarks for PDF/A files.

PDF Assemble Document

Uses a rule set to create a PDF/A file based on multiple image files.

PDF/A Metadata

Adds metadata to PDF/A files.

PDF Optimization

Compresses PDF files using DocYard MRC compression technology and inserts full-text images where required to create PDF/A files with full text searching.

Rasterize PDF

Converts PDF files into single- or multi-page bitmaps.

Born Digital Conversion

Converts digitally-generated objects such as Word or Excel files to PDF/A.


Anonymize irreversible person-related data


Text Classification Modules

The Text Classification modules use machine learning to predict the catagory of text documents.


Tailor-made modules

DocYard SDK

With the DocYard SDK, users can develop their own modules and integrate them into DocYard’s architecture.