The organization

With 16 different schools, 15,000 students and more than 1,400 employees, Noorderpoort is one of the largest regional training center in the north of the Netherlands. Noorderpoort thinks “big”, but starts “small”. They have organized schools with their own character, where everbody knows everyone.
You can choose: 170 different vocational training, training for companies, retraining or further education of adults, short and focused courses and integration training.

The challenge

Noorderpoort wanted to purchase a Document Management System and also directly requested a document conversion and processing solution. The reason for this is that Noorderpoort wants to archive their documents and data in an automated and uniform way. The solution had to fit in with the existing IT environment and has to connect to the goals for the future of the digitization of their document workflows.


Each educational institution has to cope with two document and data streams, namely for the employees and the students. DocYard makes it easy to create multiple workflows.

The approach

Docuwork, together with Noorderpoort, has made a plan to import the incoming documents from the Noorderpoort personal files into DocYard. The following steps are: automatic document classification, manual indexing, and a final check of the documents.
The DocYard solution is connected with the JOIN software (Document Management Software provided by Doclogic BV) and with Kodak scanners integrated by Docuwork.


After the first installation and training of the functional application managers, Noorderpoort has now developed and commissioned its own workflows. This was one of the main goals of Noorderpoort.
DocYard is now used by Noorderpoort for the following:
-Human Resources – HR scanning documents and e-mail processing
– Personnel – mutation
– Human Resources – PDF HR documents chop up
– Study financing – Financing files
– Study financing – Financing files and old diplomas
– Born Digital – Translation Born Digital documents in PDF/A for JOIN software
– Mailroom – Scanning of documents and e-mail processing